Petra-Arabians Stud

Arabian Horses are born to be spoiled. Yassmin Atieh

                                          ماشاء الله ولا قوة إلا بالله



 Good Day everyone ..

  Petra Arabians is located in Heliopolis -  Cairo, Egypt .

On 5-Jan-2010, I have a registered farm name now under the name of

  Petra Arabians Stud #مزرعة البتراء للخيول العربية 441



   This site is only for sharing my horses, activities, news and pictures with you, I hope you all have fun the in few minute you will spend here.

  I chose the name "Petra" as it has lots of meanings for me personally. It means the Rock in Greece, - I'm part Greek-  and this is how my love for horses would never change like a ROCK, that would stand anything and stay still. It is named also for the Pink (rose) city and this is my color in everything and reminds me of the pink house of Lady Anne Blunt that was near Kafr Farouk in Egypt which is near my house in Cairo, there is still a lot to study about Petra just like horses. It is one of the 7 new wonders of the World, and it is in Jordan my country.

Isn't this a good reason ?

 God Bless You All  ( and your Horses )

Yassmin Atieh ( Jordan - Egypt )

P.S. Love and hug your horse as much as you can, Life is too short.



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